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Thread: I need SSD VPS account with 50 gbs of HD (in Australia)

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    I need SSD VPS account with 50 gbs of HD (in Australia)

    I need help to choose reliable host along with helpful techs.
    Server location required: Australia. I found - their VPS Hosting (SSD) deals look quite good.
    I need SSD VPS account with 50 gbs of HD + 1500 gbs of bandwidth.
    What host is better? And why?

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    VPS deals from and are worth trying due to their top-notch services.
    24/7 support MEANS 24/7 support unlike other hosts. Very helpful and friendly; they don’t play the blame game and resolves issues quickly.

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    30% OFF FIRST ANNUAL* - 30% off your first annual or semi-annual payment. You can save hundreds. Code: VPSHOST30
    I really appreciate them, now I realized that moving my hosting to was a clever decision.

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    Try hosting from time-tested companies: and
    The pricing they offer also made a huge difference when selecting a web hosting company. The service is really good. Just tons of value. Plus, their customer service is absolutely outstanding. Nothing more I can ask from my web host.

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    317 and package plans are worth trying.
    Their support people are very attentive. I also have good feedback from visitors in regards to the server response time, which is most important for me. So far, everything seems to be meeting my expectations.

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    You may have VPS accounts from reliable providers: and
    Full service hosting providers. Great prices, great support, plenty of tools to accomplish almost anything. They make maintaining my site very easy.

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