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Thread: What is the future of SEO/SEM?

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    What is the future of SEO/SEM?

    Hello friends,

    What is the future of SEO/SEM?

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    Hi Friend,
    The future of SEO is going to focus even more on developing the best content. If you can produce content that offers more value, and does a better job of answering a users question, it will rank higher.

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    SEO will be closely connected to SMO, actually it is already! Think of it this way: once some piece of content gets a decent number of likes, tweets, stubmles - it means that a lot more people will see this content. And the amount of viewers in its turn increases the chance to get a link to this content - that's linkbaiting.

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    The future of SEO will rely more heavily on voice search, RankBrain and AI. The actual SEO of websites will become less important as Google's algorithms improve. ... Rather than needing to fish through websites for the answer, you'll be given it directly, much like the way the Google Quick Answer Box works now.

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    Artificial intelligence is the future of SEO. Massive investments are being made by some of technology's most influential companies. Google's RankBrain algorithm is improving search results through machine learning, helping translate user intent and semantic search queries.

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    SEO and SEM are essential part for online and internet promotions. They are very important for future businesses.
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