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Thread: How COVID-19 is affecting search behavior?

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    How COVID-19 is affecting search behavior?

    Social distancing has resulted in wild click behavior swings across sectors including grocers, productivity tools, restaurants and hotels.

    This is an unprecedented situation and businesses of all types are feeling the impact. Itís uncertain how long this will be the status quo, but given that stay-at-home measures are likely to continue for several weeks, if not months, businesses will have to adapt to accommodate their customersí new needs and find new solutions for their remote workforces.

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    Hi Friends,
    7 Ways COVID-19 Is Affecting Search Traffic

    1. Ecommerce Sites That Sell Essentials Are Surging Up
    2. Health & Wellness Sites Are Surging Up
    3. Recipe Websites Appear to Be Experiencing a Slight Uptick
    4. Travel Website Traffic Is All Over the Place
    5. Publisher Websites Are in Incredibly High Demand
    6. Restaurants Are Having to Pivot
    7. Volatility Is Present in Websites Across the Board

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