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Thread: Which is better for a blog, SEO or PPC?

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    It’s impossible to say that one strategy is better then the other, as they both are digital marketing efforts that when executed correctly can drive valuable traffic to your website.

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    Both are equally important for blog traffic.

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    SEO is always better as it helps to optimize your blog pages to rank higher in search engines.
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    Hi Friends,
    SEO is part of digital marketing and this is a slow process but this is effective long time and given long-time result. We can improve keyword ranking in all search engines form SEO Work and Google is very important to form all Search engine. when traffic will coming form keywords.

    PPC is Part of Paid marketing like Google Adwords. Google Adword is a tool and ad in the campaign and can be run a Search campaign, Display Campaign, Video ads, shopping ads. Adword part of ads and you can run all type ads in these tools. This is given an instant result and this is part of lead generation like business Related.

    Both are equally important for blog traffic.

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