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Thread: Richest country in the world 2020..?

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    Richest country in the world 2020..?

    hello Friends,

    Please tell me, Which is the richest country in the world 2020..?

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    I personally think it's gonna be either China or the US

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    According to the price of real estate it's going to be Spain )) because the cost of apartments/houses there is really high. Proof Lots of rich people buy their new villas or bungalows in Spain not just because of climate conditions but also because this country can boast of grave economic growth
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    I think the richest country is North America, including Canada. Why? They have a well-developed entire industry, especially gambling entertainment. Not so long ago, I was in Canada and played cool casinos there. Now I am impressed and also want to become rich with the help of casino slots

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