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Thread: What can you try beyond Google & facebook Advertising?

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    What can you try beyond Google & facebook Advertising?

    1. Microsoft Advertising
    2. Quora
    3. AdRoll
    4. Amazon
    5. Taboola
    6. Reddit
    7. LinkedIn
    8. Pinterest
    9. Snapchat
    10. TikTok
    11. YouTube

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    You do realise that facebook and google will monopolise every single one of these platforms, except maybe amazon.... None of these platforms except for amazon can stand against these tech giants. Microsoft will get served again because i feel they are rushing into a tunnel vision world where everything is linked to microsoft operating systems. There is also duck duck go that growing massively and with people becoming more and more data conscious everyday I believe it will only grow. I would not really invest any time and money into anything here from a website or app for business perspective except youtube maybe and amazon because the rest will be bought and changed.

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