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Thread: What is the safest browser to use?

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    What is the safest browser to use?

    Hello friends,

    What is the safest browser to use?

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    Firefox (modified and tweaked for privacy) Firefox is a great all-around browser for privacy and security. ...
    Iridium browser. ...
    GNU IceCat browser. ...
    Tor browser. ...
    Ungoogled Chromium browser. ...
    Brave browser. ...
    Waterfox browser. ...
    Pale Moon browser.

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    Without a doubt Safari is the safest and most secure web browser in the world. Safari is given away by Apple along with its open source, and in that case it is called WebKit. Webkit os so widely respected that it is the most used foundation to create other web browsers.

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    Hi All,
    Currently, all major browsers are secure browser but in upcoming months Google Chorme will remain the most secure browser as it will start giving warning in browser for non secure (http) web pages/websites in the begining of the July month.

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