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Thread: Industrial cyber security!

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    Industrial cyber security!

    Industrial cyber security help plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems (ICS) and plant operations. I want to know more about Industrial cyber security.

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    Defining cyber security has been a major challenge for the industry. Industrial cyber security is primarily about the coming together of the principles of safety from the OT environment and the ideals of security from the IT environment. A lack of clarity in this aspect has made it difficult for end users to understand and identify security as a critical issue that needs systematic investment.

    The advent of IIoT and digitalization within manufacturing has been helpful in driving a need for clarity on this subject. In this regard, the IIC, a key organization on IIoT has come out with a common industrial security framework called the Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF). The IISF was designed to enable the convergence of IT�s and OT�s trustworthiness and sets the architectural framework and direction for the Industrial Internet. The IISF emphasizes the importance of the five characteristics of IIOT.

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    Industrial plants and infrastructure systems need secure control systems to ensure safe, reliable operation. Widespread use of operational technologies in smart cities presents a similar challenge. Compromised systems jeopardize citizen safety, business continuity, and effective delivery of critical government services like water and sewage. To avoid such incidents, smart city planners need people who understand operational technology and the associated security challenges. Leveraging the experiences of the industrial cybersecurity community is essential.

    Cybersecurity challenges are also increasing within traditional plants and infrastructure systems. Many plants still lack the resources to sustain defenses or proper strategies to enable external support. Deployment of IIoT strategies is proceeding without real solutions for critical issues like secure-by-design-devices and secure supply/support chains. The growing use of cloud-based solutions are undermining the ability of in-house teams to govern security practices. Segregating cybersecurity efforts by technology is no longer a sustainable approach. Organizations need to develop new integrated strategies that combine IT, OT, and IoT security efforts and maximize use of all corporate cybersecurity resources.

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