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Thread: How Much Domain Age Matter In Ranking?

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    How Much Domain Age Matter In Ranking?

    How Much Domain Age Matter In Ranking?

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    It is a factor. In general, It is easier to rank for a keyword on an older domain name than a newer domain name if all things being equal. However, great content and the ability to generate inbound links and etc will win in the long run. Remember, Google's focus is show the most relevant results to the user. A factor of this may take in account that if a website is brand new (a month or so) it may not be as "credible" as a site that has been for a few years. Take a look what Matt Cutts says from awhile ago (should still be applicable).

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    Domain age has some effect on the SEO ranking but not that much that it should worry you.Google prefers older domains because of the trust and credibility they have gained over the years.However, you don’t need an old domain to rank high in SERPs.You can rank high in Google even with new domains.

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