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Thread: What are positive effects of Social media?

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    1) Ensures better Engagement
    2) Enhances Communication Speed
    3) It Finds Out Connection Between Detachment
    4) Builds Productive Relationship
    5) It Helps To Boost The Participation Of The Communities
    6) It Builds Confidence
    7) Helps People To Identify Themselves

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    Social Media Can Benefit Mental Health Too
    Emotions expressed online affect your mood. It not only helps to relieve social isolation but also open new communication pathways and offers much-needed support. It allows people to share their thoughts without revealing their identity.

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    If you chat virtually with anyone, you get to know more about them and thus this helps in strengthening the credibility. It also makes you feel distance is just a word. Social media helps people who want to stay in touch with their old friends in a single click. This makes a notable positive impact of Social media.

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    1. Social media can be used to educate young people.
    2. Social media can be used as a voice of reason in society.
    3. Social media has enabled more young people to be creative and innovative.
    4. Social media has given teens the ability to hone different skills that are important in the real world.
    5. Social media gives teens skills to become more confident and independent.

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