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    XML sitemap

    Hello friends ,
    Please tell me what is an XML sitemap?

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    A sitemap is an XML file that contains all of your website's important pages. It helps search engines to understand your website structure. It presents your website in an organized way to the search engine such as website title, content, categories, comments, tags and more.

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    An XML sitemap is a type of list marked up with XML so that search engines can easily consume information about the URLs that make up a site. ... Search engines and other crawlers are the only consumers of XML sitemaps. For SEO, an XML sitemap is an invitation to crawl the URLs listed.

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    The XML sitemap is a document created to help search engine crawlers find our website pages, URLs easily from a single place.

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    An XML sitemap is a list of your website's URLs. It acts as a roadmap to tell search engines what content is available and how to reach it. In the example above, a search engine will find all nine pages in a sitemap with one visit to the XML sitemap file.

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    A XML sitemap Creates a road map of your website which helps Google understand all your important pages.

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    XML sitemap is a coded sitemap used to submit in webmaster tool to help spiders crawl them and index the webpages in search engines.
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    Do note that XML sitemaps can als contain additional information about images, videos and hreflang language alternatives

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