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Thread: Which tool is best for checking website issues?

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    There are so many tools available, but I like to keep things simple hence i Selected some authorized tools to check issues on my website, Find below details.

    HTML / CSS Errors (Compliance errors)
    Markup Validation Service

    Website Performance and Loading Flow
    Website Performance and Optimization Test

    Performance Gauge
    PageSpeed Insights

    Microdata Testing
    Structured Data Testing Tool

    Other performance related things
    Website Speed and Performance Optimization

    If your site performs good on above tools, it is good to float on the internet smoothly.

    There are many other aspects to test in future that relates to SEO and other things which i did not cover but above are almost mandatory.

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    It depends on what sort of specific issues you are referring to.

    There are some good tools like: Website Speed and Performance Optimization and PageSpeed Tools | Google Developers which can be used to analyze various performance, best practices and optimization related items which should be addressed for any good web platform.

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    - Webmaster tool
    - SEMrush
    - Moz tools
    - Majestic tools
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