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Thread: How to make good homepage..?

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    Build A Killer Homepage
    Keep your layout clean and easy to navigate. Keeping your homepage's layout clean and clutter-free is essential. ...
    Add high resolution images. ...
    Ensure Color scheme and Background work well together. ...
    Optimize your buttons. ...
    Update content frequently.

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    How to make good homepage..?

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    Here is my checklist:

    1. Choose a good host
    2. Start with a solid framework/theme
    3. Use an effective caching plugin
    4. Use a content delivery network (CDN)
    5. Optimize images (automatically)
    6. Optimize your homepage to load quickly
    7. Optimize your WordPress database
    8. Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content
    9. Add an expires header to static resources
    10. Adjust Gravatar images
    11. Add LazyLoad to your images
    12. Control the amount of post revisions stored
    13. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
    14. Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
    15. Use CloudFlare

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