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Thread: Adsense on AWS sites

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    Adsense on AWS sites

    Well, with talk about of Google removing AWS sites from search results I have a question:
    does that mean that they won't like me having AdSense on an AWS site?
    Will they tell me to take AdSense off the site, or even remove me from the program?


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    I don't think Google is selectivly removing AWS websites - they may be filtering duplicate contents which is what all AWS sites are nearly.

    No, I do not think they will. AWS traffic is some of the best you can get - they are people looking to buy something.

    I am seeing a good CTR and eCPM from my AWS sites also.
    New website released. ya rly!

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    Just to know that there is someone here with AdSense on their AWS site made me think to look around for other AWS sites with AdSense on them--and I realized that there are tons.

    I got the impression that Google was selectively BANNING AWS sites from results permanently from a few horror stories, thanks for debunking that a little bit.

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    adsense is totally different from google search engine they are basically two different divisions.....

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    As long as people click the adsense ads, I don't think google would care - they are still consumers going through your site. Google just cares about having 20000 sites saying the same thing and cluttering up SERPS.

    Re: worse google results..
    So far this month, one of my AWS sites has seen a massive decline in google traffic.
    I'm hoping it is just a temporary thing - 2 or 3 days with minimal google searches, but the may in fact be cracking down on AWS.

    My site ( isn't even a cookie-cutter AWS, but its taken a traffic hit. Just as well I'm adding lots more content everyday, hopefully google will see its not 'just' AWS.

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    google has become so large that the right hand does not know what the left is doing(to use an old adage)... like aforementioned, Adsense and Google Search are two different divisions.

    Also, nowhere in the Terms does it say you cannot use it with Amazon.

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