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Thread: India shared hosting solutions? (Os Commerce support)

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    India shared hosting solutions? (Os Commerce support)

    I would like to ask about the most reliable host!
    Need low-cost e-hosting plan in India with these specs:
    20 gbs of disk space, 5oo gbs of bandwidth, Linux
    What are your views on India shared hosting solutions?
    Will it be good to deal with this host? Any alternatives?

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    Use shared accounts from time-tested companies - and
    They know what they're doing and they're nice about it when you don't have a clue.

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    You'd better choose OpenVZ VPS account. They have great polite staff and that is why it was pleased to communicate with.

    I really appreciate all the work that they did for me.

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    572 and shared plans are worth trying as their plans are full of useful resources.
    Support & Hosting Management system are quite good. Servers work with no glitches. And prices are competitive.

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    Quality shared plans are available from and
    Their Uptime is great and they have dedicated staff to help their customers.

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    Recommend to other webmasters looking for reliable place to host their web sites.
    I was impressed by their Online Backup Services. All in all, I am happy using their hosting services.

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    437 is a reliable host. I like their KVM VPS hosting deals. They are quite friendly and helpful in getting my website transferred over to them.
    I have had some technical question and I have always received answers promptly. Their support staff is US-based which is a help as far as I'm concerned.

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    Great reliable webhost! I have been with Windows SSD VPS hosting for a while now and have to say their reliability is great. They never point you in a direction on your own but see the issue closed by staying with it and putting their time in selflessly.

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    You'd better have VPS for those kind of sites, but I would recommend you, or

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