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Thread: What is Guest posting procedure?

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    -Find the website that are allowing to guest post
    -Write an article according to their guidelines
    -In return they will give you a backlink for your website

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    The Process of Guest Posting mentioned below:

    Find the right sites to pitch.
    Look through the site’s current posts and guest blogging guidelines.
    Pick the right topic with quality Matrices (domain authority, page rank, followers)
    Put the post in the right format. If the blogger prefers HTML, you might need to insert header and paragraph tags. Other times a simple, clean Word document is best.
    Attaching images and video can be helpful.
    Add an author biography to the bottom of the post and include the link back to your site. I always include the HTML <a> tags at this stage so that there is no uncertainty over the target URL and anchor text.

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    The process of Guest Posting depends upon the content. The content is the only king in the field of Guest Posting. It offers a means of building quality links which is fully in your control - you're relying on the quality of content you can provide and your relationship building skills to earn the links.

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    Guest posting is the process posting articles to various relevant blogs as a guest author to build backlinks and generate traffic to your website.
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