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Thread: Magento SEO Checklist

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    Magento SEO Checklist

    Magento-powered site SEO can be optimized with these 6 points in mind:

    1. Enable & Configure SEO-Friendly URL Structure
    2. Add Titles & Meta Descriptions for All Your Category & Product Pages
    3. Optimize Your Product Images
    4. Make Sure You Utilize H2 & H3 Tags
    5. Incorporate a Blog Into Your Website
    6. Speed up Your Site

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    Here are the default Magento seo features which every web owner should be aware of:

    1. Store name
    2. Home page title and Meta data
    3. Logo image Alt description
    4. Magento seo friendly URLs
    5. Secure and auto-redirect to Base URL
    6. Product Meta data and URL key
    7. Meta data and page title Magento search engine categories
    8. Canonical link for each category and products
    9. Magento seo structure of product URLs
    10. Google sitemap configuration
    11. Magento seo sitemap configuration setting
    12. SID removal from Magento URLs
    13. Permanent redirect features for renaming of products and categories
    14. Default Magento seo values for the title, Meta tags and robots directives
    15. Title separator on Magento storefront
    16. Default settings of product URL suffix in every Magento seo pages.

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    Though this is a useful piece of information, we would not be able to use it as we do not have Magento website

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    The most important difference between the two protocols is the SSL certificate. In fact, HTTPS is basically an HTTP protocol with additional security. The very first part of the web address before the “www” indicates whether the site uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

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