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Thread: How To Transferring User To New Web Page Automatically?

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    How To Transferring User To New Web Page Automatically?

    Hello friends,

    How To Transferring User To New Web Page Automatically?

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    Use the below meta tag to refresh your page to a new URL as shown in the example below. Placing the above tag in your <HEAD></HEAD> will re-load the page to Computer Hope in 2 seconds after visiting the page containing the code.

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    Hi Friends,
    301(permanent redirect) is used to tell the search engine that the page is been moved to a different URL. 301 redirection also passes link authority that page has earned over a period of time, this may help the keyword ranking from dropping drastically.

    To avoid duplicate content issue you can use canonical tag, but since you are changing the entire url, you will face a lot of 404 page not found error. You can remove the url from the index but what about the url that you may have shared on social networks or used during link building activities, they will return 404 error. URL removal tool is only used for removing url form google index what about other search engine (yahoo and bing).

    Best way is to use 301 redirection, use canonical tag on the old url pages and use google webmaster tool to remove url from the google.

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    Use 301 redirect to transfer from existing page to new web page. That will automatically take users to new web page automatically

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