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Thread: How to make effective titles for Off-Page Activities?

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    How to make effective titles for Off-Page Activities?

    Hey there, do share some tips on creating effective titles for off-page activities which solve the purpose of SEO & are not BORING at the same time.

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    Here are simple pointers for great SEO titles:

    Never exceed title length above 70 characters.
    Titles should be written only after thorough keyword research.
    Do not target same keyword in multiple titles as it will create keyword cannibalism. Target variations of same keyword in multiple titles.
    If targeting multiple keyword in a title then you can separate phrases by a | (pipe) symbol. For reference search for google adwords and see how google display the google adwords result.
    If targeting 1 keyword in the title then try to put the keyword at the beginning of the title and add other valuable information to the title that will improve the CTR.
    Keep titles unique to avoid duplicate content penalty.

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    The perfect Title is the title for which you want to rank for

    There are mainly two types of titles usually people uses frequently

    Keywords based title differentiated on pipe
    Sentence based title where some meaning would be there for title
    As both title is useful when you target a home page it is better to include set of keywords which you want to rank or try to include the most important services what you offer if location maters then try to include that too,

    where as if you are targeting a page around a particular keywords then it better to write in a sentence based title with your targeted keywords and also make sure that your keywords comes in your Header tags, Content and in your image alt tag. (Personal Tips Google gives more value to Header tags than title)

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