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Thread: help with advertising e-commerce site

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    Some Advice on starting up

    Well, let me make this blunt. I would like to start making websites and use advertising on them for supplimental income, and would like to eventually make around 2500 a month to 3500 a month. I would like to know if this is a realistic goal a year or two. If not, then about how long would it take. I read all of Chris's articles (those where awsome man) I read most of the posts, even the 1500 website. I Know i will make mistakes that will slow me down. I also have a considerable bit of knowlage in other computer area's. I kinda want to know the best way to go about this is. I'm using webdwarf and editing my own HTML, I got a 25 page content site (anime) ready to be placed on the web. No doman name, no web hosting (this i do plan to purchase obviously) My friend aggred to do the content for the page, all of it pretty much. I am ready to go, just not sure what dirrection to head in. Also is it posable and a atanable goal to reach 2500-3500 a month in a year or two, with multiple sites?
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    Yea of course it is, but it just depends on the market. I've
    had alot of "dud" markets where they really didn't buy anything.
    This is something you have to test to find out.

    Are you planning to make money selling affiliate products?
    I saw a guy sell alot of anime videos online making some
    good profits from his content site.
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    from where you're at right now, I think that goal is a little too high. in a year or two, $1000/month could be reasonable.
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    2500-3500 a month. Gross or Net?

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    In two years I think thats a reasonable goal. It didn't take me that long and I didn't have this site to help me.
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    Using the guides on this site, and your head, it's definitely possible. I've done it and I know many other people that have too. However, it must be said that Google seems slower on the up-take now with new sites and there generally seems to be more competition.

    One key bit of advice: choose a profitable site topic from the start.

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    Yeah, listen to chromate.

    It's going to take your new site 6 months to a year to start appearing in the SERPs well for most terms that you target.

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    Let me add in another idea here: Become an expert on your subject. This will go a long way toward helping you get valuable incoming links. I started a site about something I knew quit a bit about, made the whole thing in 2 days. I sent out a bunch of e-mails to related sites, a few posted them. Next thing I know I'm writing a feature-length article specifically about my site for a print magazine.

    There are many different strategies you can use to build up your sites. With a good strategy and a little bit of trial and error I believe that you can succeed.

    Good luck!
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    I would like to try affilate marketing. Most people who buy anime, do buy it online, though thats just from what i have seen. I think i'll read up on affilate marketing.
    Thanks alot guys!

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