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Thread: How many target keywords should a site have?

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    There is no such limit that one site should have these numbers of keywords only! It depends on the site owner, he/she can target as many as he can.

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    As a general rule, you should aim for the following character limits within each of your meta tags: Page title – 70 characters. Meta description – 160 characters. Meta keywords – No more than 10 keyword phrases.

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    To some businesses, that might not seem a lot, but targeting 5 keywords doesn't mean that your website will only rank for 5 keywords and get traffic from 5 keywords. That depends on how many pages you have up on your website. And the audience / market you want to target with your website.

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    You can have 5-10 good keywords with good search volumes for your webpages to rank them higher in search results.
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