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Thread: Mapping customer?

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    Mapping customer?

    What is the best way for mapping customers and what is it's uses?

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    The best way for mapping customer is to use a good mapping software by which we can check what customers wants and what are their needs. Then you can check them and according to it you can adjust your website.

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    In the late 90’s and early 2000s, digital marketers’ understanding of the consumer buying process was heavily based on the traditional, linear customer funnel – which is obsolete.
    Today, marketers understand that the path to purchase is not as linear as the funnel model would have us believe.

    Buyers and browsers have more ways to interact with businesses than ever before, and the focus has shifted from getting people into your funnel to delivering an exceptional customer experience.
    So mapping the customer journey changes from niche to niche. And as I mentioned that it is not linear anymore which means it cannot be expressed in a better way.

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    thanks a lot for this

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