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Thread: Adsense - Clicks With No Earnings?

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    Adsense - Clicks With No Earnings?

    I'm looking at stats right now for one of my low traffic channels, and it's showing that I got click the other day, but earnings for that day are $0.00. Anyone ever have this happen before? Does that mean I got clicks on the google defaults?

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    its probally a visitor clicking on a psa ad...

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    I have never had that happen to me, like s2kinteg916 wrote it is probally a PSA. Still a bummer you want to make money off your sites clicks.

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    Is there no way of knowing how many actual ads or non ads(PSAs) are showing other than by just visiting your own site?

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    Either a psa or a default is clicked. Adsense sometimes shows its own default ad ( for which you don't get any revenue.

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    I was setting up a new channel on a new site with no links to it and during setup accidently clicked adsense ad 4 times which showed up on the stats but there was zero payment.

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