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Thread: Right and inexpensive server to buy

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    Right and inexpensive server to buy

    Comparing servers from and, which account is better to buy to host a forum? What do you think?

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    Any specifications: Hard Disk, Ram, Bandwidth, Processor, CPU?

    Nice server hosting deals offered by team. Their services are widely represented in the web hosting market.
    Using the right type of web site hosting service is so serious to your success.

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    420 and servers are as good as they are spoken about.
    Very simple and straight forward, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a simple way to host any service, site, app and whatever.

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    I have being hosting with dedicated server hosting service for about a year and a half now, and I must tell you, that these guys are professionals, and if you consider having a personal website; this is the place to host. For VPS and Dedicated Server - YXGHL2L0OD - Voucher for $300 (applies to annual billing cycles).

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    My site is always up. I've never had any down time. Never had any problem with dedicated servers.
    My previous host charged my credit card for renewal and the site disappeared. I have never had a single problem with them

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