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Thread: Trustworthy web hosting & domain registration services?

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    Trustworthy web hosting & domain registration services?

    I would like to get web hosting. Linux.
    + need to register .us , .com, .org domains (3 domains).
    Do you know anything about hosting services ?
    Their web hosting & domain registration services?
    Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?

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    Deals from and can be suitable for you.
    They are great in all aspects!
    1. Speed is very good. Tested on pingdom and found load time is 3s without cache .
    2. Live chat support is ok.
    3.Ticket response is sometimes quick and slow depending on work time I think.
    4. Uptime is good.

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    491 is a reliable provider. Don't look any further - if they come cheaper you will never get this level of support.
    It's about time a host started to take the industry seriously and treat people as people and not e-mail addresses. You will be pleased if you choose them.

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    I'm happy to deal with web host and can highly recommend it to other webmasters.
    Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime.

    Highly recommended.

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    Try considering web hosting solutions as a nice alternative.
    Would highly recommend these guys above others. It's all good! I will be continuing to use them in hosting my various sites.

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    I'd advise you to use VPS accounts from time-tested companies - and
    Best hosts out there so far. Great service. No hassle.
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