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Thread: Magento Cluster solution required

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    Magento Cluster solution required

    I wanna make a notion on the best provider offering Magento Cluster solutions.
    What are your views on and their auto-clustering?
    (One of my clients recommended me to try their services for my e-project).
    They offer Auto-Scalable Magento eCommerce system pre-configured by their PaaS.
    Have your ever heard of this? Any experts to consult with? Worth trying or not?

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    Cool solution for all web developers and also web hosting providers. Give a try. I like their features:
    - Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments
    - Support of microservices and legacy applications with zero code changes
    - Automated continuous integration, delivery and upgrade processes
    - More than 50 certified containers out-of-the-box
    - automatic scaling

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    The benefits are more evident for the workloads with load spikes that are difficult to predict, and with changeable traffic throughout the day.
    The service that will allow me to speed up testing and moving to production, as well as properly integrate with Git services and scale easily. It was a real pleasure when we first experienced

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