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Thread: Is any other method to get Website PR ?

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    Is any other method to get Website PR ?

    Hello buddies

    I just interested is there any other way to get any website's PR without Google Toolbar ? (Should I use Google API or is any other command or script to do that ?)

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    A useful tool for getting a website's PR is the google dance tool, I think I got the link from a post on this forum. You are able to see what the PR is in the different google datacenters.

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    Yes, I know such tools, but is there any scripts, etc. ?

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    There are a couple of extensions you can use for Firefox to get PR - not sure if that will help?

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    I have found some info and a PHP script to get a PR (, but I'm not sure it is legal.

    Also I've just downloaded Google's API and looking for a way to implement it into PHP. Is any one used Google's API with PHP ? Any example is appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can't use the Google API to obtain PR values. You have to use a script like the one you've found. I'm not sure if it's legal either, but several sites seem to get away with doing it.

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    I noticed the other day that the proogle site that showed Google results plus PR (infact all of wemasterbrain) has shut down. I dont know if that is because Google put a shot accros their bows on this or not

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    Wow I didn't know that. And isn't it "Prog" now?

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    Quoting from How do I find the PR (Page Rank) for my page?:

    One way to see the PR (Page Rank) for your web page is to download and install the Google Toobar. Unfortunately, the Google Toolbar only works with Internet Explorer.

    Alternate Toolbars to View Page Rank

    The Googlebar project has created a Google Toolbar replacement which functions under Mozilla, Netscape 7, and Phoenix/Firebird.

    Tapouillo has created a JavaScript extension for FireFox and Mozilla to display Page Rank much like the Google Toolbar does in Internet Explorer.

    PRGooglebar is a toolbar which displays Google Page Rank under Mozilla and Firefox.

    Web Sites which Display Page Rank

    A great way to see the PR (Page Rank) of multiple pages, and without installing the Google toolbar, is to use the Google Page Rank Report at

    Other web site tools to check Google Page Rank include Google Ranking Report, PageRank Checker, Google PagerankGET, and RankWhere.

    PageRank Tracking Tools

    An excellent tool for tracking both Page Rank and SERPS over a long period of time is the DigitalPoint Keyword Tracker.

    Microsoft Windows based tools to Display Page Rank

    The folks at have even created a Microsoft Windows executable program for checking PageRank.

    Macintosh tools to Display Page Rank

    Digitalpoint created a PageRank Toolbar Widget For Macintosh with Konfabulator.

    Checking your Page Rank on Multiple Data Centers

    The Future PR lookup tool will check PR on most of the Google datacenters, in an attempt to determine the future PR of a page during a Google dance.

    Search Engines Which Display Page Rank

    The Prog, ThinkBling, PRGoogle, and PR Search search engines display Google results, but also display the PR of each search result.

    Add a Page Rank Display Button to your Web Page

    If you are willing to give up an outbound link to, you can add this little graphic to your web page to proudly display it's page rank for all the world to see.

    Google Pagerank Tools offers similar, if less attractive, buttons.

    Check Page Rank Here

    Enter the URL for a web page in this box to view the Page Rank:

    Create your own Page Rank Checking Tool

    Anyone can create their own tool to check Google Page Rank. The most difficult part has been creating the proper query to the Google servers. The Google PageRank query uses a checksum based upon the URL being queried.

    The checksum algorithm utilized by the Google toolbar appears to be based upon lookup2.c by Bob Jenkins.

    Alex Stapleton, Vijay "Cyberax" Bhatter and Andy Doctorow have created a PHP implementation of the Google checksum algorithm, and also a PHP implementation of a PageRank checking tool.

    A person using the pseudonym Raistin Majere created a PHP scipt to check Google Page Rank.

    The source code for Google PageRankGET is also available.

    Marneus Calgar & Defoer Laurent Developper and Uncopyrightable both ported the Google checksum algorithm to Pascal.

    Andy Doctorow created an implementation of the the Google checksum algorithm in Assembly language.

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    Good Information 'will'

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    Thanks for the information. Is link building/backlinks/refferal domain also part of the PR Process?
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