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    An SEO audit report serves two major purposes:

    Guiding your work
    Educating the client
    As you go through an SEO audit checklist, create a document that outlines what you need to do and clearly explains the work to the client.

    Many clients don’t have extensive knowledge of SEO, so it’s your job to educate them. Use your audit to explain SEO by:

    Listing SEO factors in recognizable categories.
    Describing what each SEO factor is and why it matters.
    Indicating whether the client’s site meets the standards for the factor. You may note this as a “pass” if the site meets the standards or a “fail” if there is a problem that needs to be resolved.
    Explaining what action plan is needed to resolve the problem as it specifically relates to the client’s site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hariandro View Post
    Hi Friends!!!

    How generate the SEO report? Can anyone guide me
    Sure. What do you want? which SEO report do you want to generate?

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    SEO reports can be generated using various online tools like:

    - Moz
    - Majestic
    - SEMRush
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