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Thread: How To Add Plugin In WordPress Site..?

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    Here's how to add a plugin to your WordPress site.

    Step 1: Research the plugin. ...
    Step 2: Log in to your WordPress dashboard. ...
    Step 3: Click “Add New” at the top of the page.
    Step 4: Find or upload the plugin. ...
    Step 5: Click “Install Now.” ...
    Step 6: Activate the plugin. ...
    Step 7: If applicable, insert your API key.

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    Go to the plugin page from the WordPress Plugin Directory website.
    Click the red download button to transfer the plugin Zip file to your computer.
    Unzip the plugin files. ...
    Connect to your site's server using FTP. ...
    Navigate to the wp-content folder within the WordPress installation for your website or blog

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    Plugins in WordPress sites are helpful to optimize your webpages to help rank them higher in search engines.
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    1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Click “Add New” at the top of the page.
    3. Find or upload the plugin.
    4. Click “Install Now".
    5. Activate the plugin.

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