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Thread: How to increase website traffic through blogger?

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    Post unique and quality content regularly. Add links related to content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swatijain2233 View Post
    Hello friends,
    How to increase website traffic through blogger?
    post blogs, use attractive images and share those blogs in a circle and social media groups to increase traffic.

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    1 Determine the keywords and phrases that bring visitors to your website.
    2 Write blog posts that contain your main keywords.
    3 Publish blog content on a consistent basis.
    4 Ask questions to readers within your blog posts.
    5 Network with other blogs related to your industry.
    6 Add share buttons to your blog posts.

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    Cross-promote to your mailing list.
    Write guest posts.
    Make it easy for blog visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.
    Promote your blog in your email signature and your bio in any online profiles.
    Invite readers to leave a comment, then respond and let them know you’re engaged.
    Conduct give-away events.
    Invest in promotion.

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