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Thread: Server which is low cost and trustworthy

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    Server which is low cost and trustworthy and servers are really enticing for me and I wonder which way is better to follow as I plan to host a blog?

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    I'm impressed with US hosting provider. Features wise is excellent for my needs.
    Response time on tickets is fast, needed a few times some help and they fixed everything for me.

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    Just want to say that is not the only company which is able to satisfy all your needs. is worth your attention because of their top-notch services.
    Both companies are reliable and trustworthy.

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    What kind of hosting you are taking? I think you should go for cloud because it is quite secure but it may cost more. If you have small website and you are not expecting that much traffic then I think shared hosting will be fine. Both hosts looks good by the way you can go with either of them. By the way azure downtime is not that much so Azure is quite good option.

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    No doubt, it will be better to choose as your web host.
    Save Big on Hosting: 50% off 1st month on all Servers/VPSs. Multiple 10 gigabit connections maximize uptime and ensure stable network connectivity.

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    choose a dedicated server

    As per my experience, Layerservers' cheap offshore dedicated server plan is the best option. You will get full privacy, 99.99% uptime, and 24/7/365 fast and expert support

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    10 months already, time goes fast. Time for me to share a review about ssd server hosting service.
    I am completely satisfied with them and I would recommend them to anyone!

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    I was recommended to Hosting Source by a friend, and have been a loyal user since. I personally have not been successful in finding a better combination of fantastic prices, so many add-ons and so much value, and high caliber customer service. Seriously, i've tried many companies and so far, this has been the BEST!

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