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Thread: What are the steps to Build Ecommerce Website?

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    What are the steps to Build Ecommerce Website?

    What are the steps to Build Ecommerce Website?

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    Well this would depend if you are building it from the ground up ie no website frameworks or 3rd party tools. Which would be a very time consuming thing unless you are a super genius at coding. Also what language and platform would you use it on.. do you have branding and design elements ready ?
    Given the information you have supplied i can only say this..

    Generally speaking : to me design is a circular process of continual improvement.
    Research your target market and competitors.
    Plan your Ux
    Write your code front end and back-end. ( hopefully you have a team to do this for you )
    Test test test Debug Then test more. ( Youl be spending most of your time on this. )
    Market market market ( social media channels, google seo, adwords and all the rest that may apply to your niche )
    Get out of sandbox ( if your domain is new )
    About three months of gathering analytics data you can start tweaking pages that arent performing.
    Re evaluate ( this could be a plethora of thing from UX that isnt working for your client market, to coding that is slow, bad or insecure. )
    Test test test Debug Then test more.
    Repeat Cycle.

    Get on a platform like wordpress.
    Research your market.
    Get a eCommerce theme
    Customise the heck out of the php file templates so that it can operate better.
    Plan your ux and marketing.
    Test payment gateways and emailing systems.
    Get a ssl certificate if you arent using a offsite payment gateway.
    Analyse your data
    adjust what needs to be adjusted.

    Go to shopify, set up a site, hope you get noticed.

    Oh also google integrations, sitemaps, analytics you will likely need to use a smtp for gmail as most hosts have issues with the mail() function although I have been fortunate with most of mine.

    See how hard a eCommerce store really is. Consider if it was worth writing this from scratch... or the time would have been better spent on ... you guessed it marketing...

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    Building an Ecommerce Website in Simple Steps:

    Choose a domain for your eCommerce website
    Choose the Right Platform
    Design Your Store
    Set Up Payments
    Add Products
    Test the Checkout
    Look After SEO and Analytics

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    Select And Book a Domain Name. ...
    Scout For Server Space For Your Domain. ...
    Step 3.Choose a Website Developer. ...
    Simulation of Your E-Commerce Site. ...
    Get Into the Shoes of Your Potential Customer. ...
    Website Aesthetics – Attach a Logo and a Banner. ...
    Backup Your Entire Website Building Project. ...
    Edit Your Website.
    Market Your Website with SEO
    Initiate Marketing Automation Strategies

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