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Thread: low-cost reseller hosting plans?

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    low-cost reseller hosting plans?

    Hey guys,
    I would like to ask about the most reliable hosts offering low-cost reseller hosting plans with these specs:
    60 gbs of disk space, 2700 GB of bandwidth, Linux.
    I have found and web hosts.
    What about their uptime, speed?
    Their web hosting plans look ok for my sites.

    Where can i read reviews/feedbacks/testimonials about their services?
    Alternative web hosts please?

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    Have look at reselling from and can be good for you.
    The Services at them are excellent. Technical support is fast and prompt.

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    15% recurring coupon code "INDIALAUNCH" for all the cPanel shared hosting and WHM reseller hosting plans.
    I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a new host! The prices are good, customer support is awesome and it s quite reliable.

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    In total I love, it was really easy to pick up and start using. All the features and freebies have been really good and I looking forward to using them for years to come. If you're looking at price only (as I did with my first host!) they are certainly competitive but by no-means the cheapest.

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    407 service has been great, and the customer service is what sets them apart from hosting companies I've used in the past.
    I get a response from somebody usually within 5 minutes and they're always willing to help. Great Hosting and great support.

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    543 and are considered to be the best in delivering reseller services.
    I want to say that I've never experienced better features, functionality, up-time, and support - tech, billing & customer - than what I receive at them.

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    Give a try - their reseller hosting accounts are feature-packed and low-cost.
    They have helped me to launch a number of blogs and I'll use it for any website I ever host.
    Excellent Hosting company!

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