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Thread: I would like to understand

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    I would like to understand


    I would like to understand how money can go from my website to my bank account (not technical aspect, only the steps).

    - In the website, I put the shopping cart
    - I need a merchant account to accept credit card.
    -??? and what?

    I would like to build a yahoo! store.
    I have a bank account in Europe and I'll open a merchant account in the us

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    I think you'd need a bank account in the US for a US merchant account.
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    im sure there are ways to not have a US bank -- Check with bigger, more global banks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    I think you'd need a bank account in the US for a US merchant account.
    Correct. You also need a US business address. Some companies might be able to work around this but they are very few and very expensive due to the risk associated with foreign accounts.
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    And donít they verify customerís US business address?


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