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Thread: cPanel web hosting service ?

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    cPanel web hosting service ?

    Requirements: Linux OS, 500 GB - Bandwidth, 15 GB - Hard Disk.

    How is cPanel web hosting service ? Now I am considering this host as a potential one to deal with.
    Are they trustworthy?
    What other hosts in Europe do you know?

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    Services from and can be suitable for all your needs.
    They are definitely your to-go hosting providers whenever you want to buy a powerful and cheap hosting/server for your companies and for your clients. Their power specifics are just a lot better than enough, it provides more than enough resources for you to run a website smoothly.

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    366 packages include a full list of features that provide everything I need plus plenty of room for growth.
    Their uptime is fantastic and ability to upgrade and downgrade is a plus! Rock solid control panel.

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    Promo code: happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount. features look really great. I am glad to deal with them.
    Excellent customer service. I can't rave enough about them.

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    I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend cheap cPanel web hosting to anyone.
    The service, both as a web host and in dealing with customers, has been most satisfactory.

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    I have looked through web site and found out they offer multiple server locations:
    Mexico (Mexico City), Canada (Beauharnois), Bulgaria (Sofia), Italy (Milan), Lithuania (Siauliai), France (Roubaix & Strasbourg & Gravelines), Germany (Frankfurt & Dusseldorf), Netherlands (Amsterdam & Rotterdam), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Zurich), Russia (Moscow), Singapore (Jurong).

    Your site will get loaded lightning fast and applications run far better as compared to any other hosting environment.

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    108 and plans can be suitable for all your needs.
    Support is second to none. The help comes quickly and in a understandable language. The servers are always working. My site is not very heavy but I can access it very fast.

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