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Thread: Linux, 24/7 customer support, 30 GB - HD hosting required

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    Linux, 24/7 customer support, 30 GB - HD hosting required

    Linux, 24/7 customer support, 30 GB - HD
    Well, having done a search, look to be nice places for that.
    I'd like to ask some experts to help in order to choose the providers.
    What host would you choose if you were me?

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    416 a nd services are worthwhile.
    Their prices are very good, their services match or beat what other hosting companies offer and they seem to never have any down time. I recommend them to anyone looking for great hosting at a reasonable price.

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    My experience with web host has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications.
    All questions were answered and not just some of them. And when I had difficulties with some of the setup, they fixed things nearly immediately.

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    235 and are worth trying.
    They are generous with the space and bandwidth at very relaxing prices.
    Their customers have access to their 24/7/365 technical support staff to assist their customers with any issues they may experience while hosting with them.

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    As an alternative, i believe and their cloud hosting packages will meet your demands. Use the coupon code: 50OFF16 for 50% off their first month!
    They offer 60-day money back guarantee. Contact their 24/7 customer support and see what you'll get exactly.

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