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Thread: e-hosting market - what is the best host?

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    e-hosting market - what is the best host?

    I would like to make a notion on the e-hosting market. What are good web hosts?
    Need over 20 gbs of disk space.
    What can you say about services?
    One of my friends recommended me to try these guys. What are your points on these hosts?

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    Good hosts are: and
    The support team is really friendly and helpful, having being able to solve any issues (rarely) I have come across.
    Prices are competitive.

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    You can give or web hosting solutions.
    I get a response from somebody usually within 5 minutes and they're always willing to help.

    Just compare their pricing, features and resources.

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    Plans form and are worth trying. All of them offer network redundancy and full-featured, all-inclusive web hosting plans to meet your needs.

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    I prefer to deal with time-tested and trusted web hosting providers like - these guys are flexible.
    They offer so many useful features and tools for successful running of web sites. Uptime is great - 99.9%

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    One of the best hosts I know is web host:
    - LiteSpeed Web Server
    - Higher Server Resources for Fast Page Load Time
    - Anti-Spam and Email Deliverability
    - 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
    It is one of the few companies on the Internet known as a true hosting provider!

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    Good hosts are: and
    Services are Awesomely awesome, I feel home every time I talk to someone on the Tech Gurus Team.
    Their online support is amazing: they really help you, really and quickly.

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    I've been using for more than 7 months and must say that it is the best solution for running e-stores.
    Their support is very friendly and helpful and I never had problems with them. Anyone who needs reliable web hosting for a small-business website can trust them.

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    Services from and can be suitable for your needs.
    The Support team at them is really very cooperative & active 24/7.

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