I am about to start up a website. I was wondering how do you go about writing up a business plan for a website because I need someone to invest in it. I don't really need more than $5,000 but they still want the projections. I have never written a business plan and while searching found one for small business and franchises but no information on how to go about writing up one for a website. Would writing up a business plan for a website include: Competition, Personnel, Website insurance, Loan applications, Capital equipment and supply lists, balance sheet, break-even analysis, and pro-forma income projections. I was also wondering do most people have to write up business plans before starting up the business or a little while afterwards. This could be a problem because although i do plan on the website being a big success, i have no idea how many people will visit the first year alone, although i do plan to do promotions. Could you please help me or answer any questions? Thank you so much for your time and help