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Thread: Cheap Server in Europe on lovely terms

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    Cheap Server in Europe on lovely terms and provide servers in Europe on lovely conditions and I wonder which way would you go and why?

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    Resources is the first thing you look at in a host, if it provides the space, bandwidth and add-on domains you need in case your site becomes successful.
    How much do you require?

    For me, and their stable servers work really good.
    They have a rock solid infrastructure in place and guaranteed to serve you the next several years to come.

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    493 and provide quality servers in Europe.
    Absolutely incredible. Moved over to them and couldn't be happier. Really solid tech support team, high speed servers, and great customer service.

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    If you check you will find out that the cheapest server is below $100 per month. Location is Switzerland.

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    Every conversation was pleasant and helpful. web host is professional.
    Reliability is 100% I honestly cannot remember the last downtime our site has had that wasn't because of something I did.
    Pricing is cheap. They will pass on the savings.

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