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Thread: server to buy ... where from?

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    server to buy ... where from? and servers are nice for hosting an e-commerce project with and I wonder which way is better to follow?

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    How much HD, RAM and Bandwidth do you require?

    I am always impressed with pricing for dedicated hosting packages.
    I believe this web host is flexible and stable enough to satisfy all your specific requirements and keep your web sites always online.

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    48 is the best place to buy a server because they are known for their excellent service and support system.
    Need Reliable and Cheap Web Hosting Services in Europe?

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    Both mentioned companies - and - are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    I like their features:

    99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
    24/7/365 Tech Support
    No Setup Fee & No Gimmicks.

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    As I heard from some people both of these companies are nice and will provide you nice things for your money. You can go with them or any other good company but remember to take recovery as a service, because recovery tools will help you to recover your data in the time of disaster.

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    If you are thinking about getting a host for your website, or moving your site to ssd host, take my word for it, these guys ROCK.
    Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them. As for the servers, they are stable..

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    So far, is my favorite.
    I based a dedicated server hosting selection on multiple good reviews throughout the net and on a hosting discussion board.
    The system itself is rock solid and the software & features are excellent.

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    The Uptime is great, I've never had any down time and my visitors are happy with the speed connectivity.
    Features are excellent. Thanks Swiss server hosting for the wonderful support and service!

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    I keep it simple and also keeps is simple, so it going good within us. I will recommend them here for someone who reads this.
    These guys tolerate my things and some times I think I am asking so many things though paying very few bucks.

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