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Thread: Page loading speed

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    Page loading speed

    With the world becoming so impatient, it is important that you have a fast loading website. In fact, if your page doesn’t load in the first 3-4 seconds, you van be sure that your visitors will abandon your site and go elsewhere.

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    Page pace may be frequently all the confounded with "site speed," which will be really those page speed to An test for page perspectives for a webpage. Page velocity might a chance to be portrayed Previously, whichever "page load time" (the chance it takes on fully presentation the substance with respect to a particular page) or "time on main byte" (how long it takes to your program will get the 1st byte of data starting with those web server).

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    1. Optimize Images
    2. Browser Caching
    3. Compression
    4. Optimize Your CSS
    5. Keep Your Scripts Below the Fold

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