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Thread: Where can I get graphic design material?

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    Where can I get graphic design material?

    We need lot of stuff like miscellaneous elements, vectors, icons shapes etc., to design something.
    Where can I get graphic design material?

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    If I were you, I would better give team a try. These guys are professionals and their work is based on quality.
    Just contact them directly for further details. They offer graphic design services as well as web development.

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    Some of the most powerful tools at a graphic designer’s disposal are also the most basic. From stylistically matched icon sets to small code library to make it easier to design data-driven documents, even the smallest tools can make a job a thousand times easier. On the other end of the spectrum are the widely used, taken-for-granted, must have programs like PhotoShop, without which many designers would be out of a job.
    Adobe Creative Suite, Forrst, deviantART, PicMarkr

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    To begin in graphic design, at the base, you require a raster designs manager, for example, Adobe Photoshop, and a vector designs proofreader, for example, Adobe Illustrator. While there are free other options to these projects, they do not have a portion of the highlights and smoothness of the exclusive programming.

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    5 essential tools for graphic designers which would make the design work comfortable.

    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. GIMP or GNU
    3. Adobe Illustrator
    4. Coral Draw
    5. Cyberlink Photo editor

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    I use freepik website, it has so many free vectors and psd files to download for free only thing is you need to be registered user. They are promoting shutter stock images also but that is for commercial purpose.

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    Adobe illustrator , and Photoshop are really all you need , if you are going into alot of print media i would suggest adobe in design . As for your request on resources , adobe has multiple free vector packs online , brush packs, fornts for better typography and pretty much all you need except the skills to make your design ( this however you can find on youtube. )

    The last integral part of design is knowledge of your market and knowledge of graphic design in general, also a creative eye , this is what separated true graphic designers , from everybody else, because you have to study it and or have a natural talent for it.

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