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Thread: Why You Should Choose #WordPress for Your #Website?

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    Why You Should Choose #WordPress for Your #Website?

    1. Easy to Learn, Use, and Update
    2. Lots of Support & Security
    3. Itís Great for

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    5 Key Benefits of Building Your Website in WordPress
    Here are five key benefits of using WordPress for your website:

    Themes allow you to change the design of your website quickly. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress.

    Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without knowing how to program. There are over 10,000 plugins available that help you add all kinds of functionality to your sites, like social media sharing, SEO, photo slideshows, and much more.

    They are easy to update. If you can create a Word document, you can publish a new article to your WordPress website. Once it is set up, you can update it anytime you want, and that is important for engagement with your visitors and for the search engines.

    Google loves WordPress sites. Because they are updated more frequently, and the content tends to be structured well, you can get a WordPress site ranking very quickly compared to a static website. Google has even gone on record as recommending WordPress for business sites (see YouTube video)

    WordPress is supported by a thriving, engaged community. A recent study estimates that approximately 8% of the sites on the Internet are run by WordPress. There are thousands of designers, developers and enthusiasts out there to help if you get stuck. Help is just a Google or Bing search away.

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