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Thread: Google and links pages

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    Google and links pages

    I've noticed with my new site, and msn emotions actually, that there's something about a links page that seems to attract google - or at least my links pages!

    My new site was crawled for the first time about a week ago, and a day or so later it was showing up in the 'allinurl:...' search. today the allinurl search brings up my root and the 'related_links.php' links page.

    I was wondering if a page with out going links or just a lot of links has some sort of importance, i get the same thing with my msn emotions site on an allinurl search also - where the links page shows up second. Also see it on chro's sites also.

    insight anyone?

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    links pages can rank well, if they are themed and not just a hodge podge of random links going to random sites.

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    it all seems to depend on how well organized the site is

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    It is likely that your links page is fairly keyword heavy if your links are on topic. Always good for ranking high on a keyword

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