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Thread: how facebook is helpful in seo?

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    Facebook helps in promoting business or website. This will surely attract more viewers. To get quality customers, make sure that you perform this task wisely. It will create more traffic to your website and increases brand awareness in social media users, improves the rank of your website on search engine.

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    Facebook or Twitter does not help or affect your websites SEO(not directly atleast). All the web pages or articles you share on facebook or twitter cannot be indexed (not each and every post) by google. Because everything that you can see after logging into facebook cannot be seen by google bots. Since bots does not know to login.

    Facebook posts or for that matter any social media promotion has a huge potential for driving traffic to your website. Guess what, as far as I know traffic is one of the many ranking factors. If you can gain traffic from facebook it would help your organic rankings.

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    Yes, Facebook helps to get traffic on your website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pihu147741 View Post
    Hello friends,

    how facebook is helpful in seo?
    Facebook can deliver a amount of traffic by sharing your blogs, contents on your feed. and traffic improves ranking even though you get no follow links from there.

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