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Thread: Why python is playing leading role in Data Science and trending topic now?

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    Why python is playing leading role in Data Science and trending topic now?

    Why python is playing leading role in Data Science and trending topic now?

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    Data science is about problem solving, exploration, and extracting valuable and reliable information from huge data.

    To do so effectively, you’ll need to wrangle datasets, train machine learning models, visualize results, and much more. Enter Python. Python plays vital role in visualization of results and in understanding machine learning models.

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    Python is an interpreted, dynamically-typed language with a precise and efficient syntax. Python has a good REPL and new modules can be explored from the REPL with dir() and docstrings. That's one reason to prefer Python over C, C++, or Java. But whatever language you use to develop the software and website you should use static code checker, like hp fortify static code analyzer because it protects your from all kind of injection problems.

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    Python is really a great tool, and there are several reasons why Data Scientists like python. Data scientists need to use data visualizations to clearly communicate outputs and predictions to stakeholders at any level of a business. This is the real value a great data scientist can provide – without this, it’s a zero-sum game.
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    Data science is all about problem-solving, exploring, and extracting meaningful information from a huge amount of data. To do this effectively, you need datasets, machine learning models, visualize results, and much more. Python works best here with the best range of datasets, learning models and visualizing results too. Also, Python is a highly secure programming language to clearly communicate outputs at the business level.

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