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Thread: How to target Google Answer Box?

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    1: Research Queries that Trigger an Answer Box
    2: Optimize and Structure Content to Answer Questions
    3: Use Schema Markup
    4: Use Google+ and Wikipedia

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    You should use the rich snippet code and point out the answer which exact results. use the question and answer in your content.

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    The purpose of Answer Boxes is to offer instant gratification to the users. This works particularly well when users are looking for factual information like public figures, distances, conversion rates, scores, and similar information.

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    - Identify queries in KW research that, implicitly or explicitly, ask a question
    - Seek out queries that already use the answer box. If the competition's doing a poor job, these are often easy to grab.
    - Ranking #1 can help, but isn't required! Google will pull from any first page result.
    - Format and language are essential! Match the paragraph, or table, and use the logical answer to the query terms in your title/caption/label/section header.
    - Be accurate. Google tend to favor stronger, more correct responses.
    - Entice the clicks by using Google's maximum snippet length to your advantage.

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