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Thread: Does blogger sufficient for professionals like doctors?

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    Does blogger sufficient for professionals like doctors?

    My question is "Does a blog serves as perfect platform to share information like a website for a professional like doctors?"

    So many individuals like doctors, interior designers, travel guides, authors, makeup artists, stack market analyst, reviewers, tech info editors and especially news editors have their own blogs because they feel it's cheap and economy and easy to edit.

    What are your observations regarding this?

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    Turning into an expert blogger was not something I had ever given a great deal of thought to preceding the spring of 2009. However, some way or another I was sufficiently fortunate to meet with some ideal conditions, and I was overcome enough to go out on a limb that and make another reality for myself.

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    Professionals can use blog has their regular information sharing spot but they should have some web designing and seo fundamentals, so that they reach more visitors by optimizing it professionally and utilize social media platforms properly. As per my experience professionals should take guidance from web designers and seo specialists, even we are assisting few doctors and other professionals.

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