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Thread: How much should be the keyword frequency?

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    How much should be the keyword frequency?

    We often publish content with an intention to target our focus keywords, right? We repeat our target keywords multiple times in our content but here is what I found in an article by Yoast.

    “While we target focus keyword in multiple articles, we are confusing Google as to which article should be returned from our own articles. We should use focus keyword once in our article until and unless we are high authority sites”

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    There are pages that rank without having the keyword on the page. it can be used once or 10 times or 100 times in the page as long as it make sense for the user and if you read the text is natural and no forced sentences or words. Synonyms of the word or alternative of the phrase are also a very good choice and google can associate those very well.

    It dose help to have the keyword on url and in the title tag and in h1 and at least once in the actual content.

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    I don't think you can put a general % on keyword density. So long as it reads well and doesn't appeared to be stuffed, it should be fine. Mention it as many times as you can without it appearing forced.

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