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Thread: Reseller hosting packages in Mexico?

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    Reseller hosting packages in Mexico?

    I need #1 web host, I would like to get reseller hosting plans at (with real Mexico ips).
    I need about 75 gbs of space, 2000 gbs of bandwidth.

    Any info on reseller hosting services?
    Any fresh discounts or promos offered by them?
    What host is better from your points? Why? What host would you choose?

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    The support from these guys is without comparison. If they provide windows hosting also, they would be the # 1 provider for me. have been a great host from what I had before. Support is top notch!

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    The reseller plans of Artehosting are unique in the market, we are the company that most designers prefer in Mexico and Latin America. Our DNS infrastructure is redundant allowing our dealers have the most optimal service without downtime.

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